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Links to Rugby Clubs - Worldwide

If your rugby club or rugby team would like to be added to our rugby directory, please send an email to eddie.evans@x-tremerugbywear.com and we’ll place a link to your site. This is a great way to advertise your club for tournaments and players. Teams looking for an RFC to play in your country while on rugby tour will find this directory extremely useful.

UBC Ravens (Canada)

UBC Rugby

Velox Valhallians (Canada)

Capilano Rugby Club (Canada)

Bayside Sharks

Surrey Beavers (Canada)

Brampton Rugby Club (Canada)

Burnaby Lake Rugby Club (Canada)

PAC Rugby (USA)

British Columbia Rugby Union (Canada)

South Pittsburgh RFC (USA)

Tacoma Nomads (USA)

UC Santa Cruz Rugby (USA)

Old Merchant Taylors Football Club (England)

SC 1880 Frankfurt (Germany)

Swedish Rugby Union

Singapore Cricket Club (Singapore)

Singapore Bucks (Singapore)

Bedok Kings (Singapore)

Taipei Baboons (Taiwan)

Penaga Crocs (Brunei)

Seoul Survivors (Korea)

Pot Bellied Pigs (HK)

Hong Kong Football Club (HK)

DeA Rugby (HK)

Kowloon RFC (HK)

Guam RFC

Royal Selangor RFC (Malaysia)

Manila Nomads (Philippines)

Dubai Huricanes (UAE)

Kuwait RFC

Tokyo Crusaders

YCAC Rugby Club (Japan)

Tsunami (Japan)

Tokyo Gaijin (Japan)

British Club Rugby(Thailand)
Stellenbosch Rugby Football Club (S. Africa)

New Zealand Legends

Old Ignatians
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