Terms & Conditions

Guaranteed Quality and Customer Service:

Our commitment to our customers: At X-treme we guarantee quality and back up our product 100%. If there are any mistakes we will gladly replace or redo the items in question.We have built our business and reputation on providing our customers both with the highest level product followed through with excellent customer service.

Delivery Details

Part of X-treme’s customer service guarantee is to help our customers keep their costs down. To help you with this we cover shipping costs from our factory to your front door. Minimal local tax and duty charges are the responsibility of the consignees / customer (Final amount subject to each customer’s local tax rates). When filling out your order form please make sure you include a correct /up to date mailing address and telephone number to save time in the delivery process.

Ordering online with X-treme

X-treme offers you the easiest experience you will ever have organizing uniforms for your team or sporting event. Provide us with your specifications, your colors, team and sponsor logos and our design team will get to work while you sit back and enjoy seeing your ideas come to life. Simple and easy correspondence with our design team will have you and your team looking its best come game day. We are here to fine-tune your design. Your confirmation is all we need. All free of charge of course!

After placing an order (depending on size) the process takes 5-7 weeks for your order to be delivered to your door. To guarantee the on time delivery of your order we use FedEx Express or UPS Express which normally takes 3-5 days (after completion) to reach your front door

Payment methods

We accept payment by: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Wire Transfer, and cheques